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The blogger that took the internet by storm.

Click here to watch one of her Today show interviews about the hilarious, and exhausting year.

For a whole year, Robyn Okrant was LIVING OPRAH.

Robyn Okrant’s book is full of entertaining and useful information 
on everything from career to happiness to vulvas. 

My advice to America: 
You get this book! And you get this book! And you get this book!
 - A.J. Jacobs

Okrant asked, “I was very curious…as Oprah frequently urges her viewers and readers to “Live Your Best Life,” I wondered what would happen if one of us committed ourselves whole-heartedly to her lifestyle suggestions. Would the financial and time costs of living as Oprah prescribes be worth the results?”

If you’re curious whether an average woman can live up to advice dolled out by one of television’s most powerful personalities (without going crazy or broke…and ending up divorced), check out LIVING OPRAH at Amazon.com

Can’t get enough of Robyn’s writing? Find her essays at Huffington Post.

And guess what? She’s got a new novel in the works.